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How does Walk for Water count my steps?

The app uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to count each step you take. Keep it in your pocket, carry it in your bag or hold it in your hand – the important thing is that you have your iPhone on you.

How do I raise money?

A sponsor has agreed to donate money to charity: water based on the number of steps you take during a special event. You raise money by reaching a certain goal for that event. Walk for Water is designed to keep track of the steps taken by event attendees for the purpose of generating donations, but anyone can use the app whenever they wish to measure their activity level.

Does Walk for Water recognise running and walking on a treadmill?

Yes. If you carry your iPhone, it should also recognise these activities.

Does Walk for Water work in the background?

Yes. The app automatically tracks your activity in the background. If you’d like to turn off tracking completely, tap the on/off toggle in the sidebar.

Why was I asked for my location when I first opened the app?

Sharing your current location lets you take part in any fundraising events, which are limited by geographic area. If you originally selected ‘Don’t Allow’, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to turn it on.

Does Walk for Water work abroad when data roaming is turned off?

Yes. Without an internet connection, the app collects data and then analyses it after reconnection. If you travel abroad and don't have a data connection, your iPhone’s location services may be less accurate until you connect to a network.

How much data transfer does Walk for Water use?

If you’re taking part in one of our fundraising events, the app sends your step count every hour and also when you open the app. If you’re not taking part, a backup of your steps is sent once daily in case you lose your phone or delete the app.

Who did the motion graphics on the website?

The animation was done by our friends at Animade. Their work is pretty amazing. Check it out.

Who made Walk for Water?

The app was created by Mobext. Concept by Valli Lakshmanan. Design by Andy Shaw. iOS development by Michael Loistl and Dino Constantinou. Back-end development by Marcin Skubała. Writing by Eric Ledford.